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The Most Extraordinary Photos Ever Taken

Top 10 of the most extraordinary photos taken by amazing photographers
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When you think of photo shoots you probably think of famous models showing off the latest fashions. Photo shoots are often a lot more than that, however. You don’t need to be a model to take part in a photo shoot – in fact you don’t even need to be human. Since the invention of the camera, photographers and artists have undertaken shoots involving pretty much everything. As you’d expect, we love taking pictures of other people but also have a knack for shooting other things like cars, planes, plants and animals. As technology improved, photo shoots moved under the water and into outer space as we snapped images of areas which were relatively new to us.
Of course, among all the great photographers and all the photo shoots taken over the past years, certain sessions stand out over others. Why? Well, photographs, like art, are very subjective and everyone likes them for their own reasons. That said, there are a handful of photos from shoots which are so extraordinary they are destined to be forever famous. What makes these photo shoots so incredible varies with each. As you’ll see, famous people in strange poses, animals doing unusual things, nature as never seen before, humans captured in a way that makes you think differently – these are just a few reasons why a particular photo shoot can stand out from the rest and go from ordinary to extraordinary.

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Under the Sea
John and Yoko
A Photoshoot of Everyone
Underwater Dogs
Rodeo Frog
Photoshoot with the Night
Hitler Practices
A-Bomb Photoshoot
Wounded Veterans
Weightless Kate

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