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10 Hilarious Pictures Of Ads That Are Totally Inappropriate!

top 10 pictures of ad fails you need to look at twice

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Have you ever said something that could have been interpreted as dirty? You probably got a little embarrassed or even had a cheap laugh or two. Because you were in the presence of friends and colleagues, you could brush off the moment and forget about it. But, when you’re in advertising, things aren’t so easily forgotten. In the business world, advertising is key in order for your product to not only survive, but be profitable as well. Millions of dollars are invested in advertising alone from animation to photography to hiring actors and models to present the product. Thus, creating an ad has to be a work of genius because it has to make an impression on people, good or bad. As the saying goes, “bad advertising is good advertising.” But sometimes, a failed ad can do more damage than anything else as it could wound credibility and integrity in the company’s product. Whether it was a poorly designed ad, weird opportunities distorted the ad, or it was completely misinterpreted, these ads hit new fails that almost make the audience completely forget the original product it was created for.
Here are some ad fails that became dirty by accident. Between weird angles, poses, and placement of people and other objects, these ads became more than just a voice for a product. They became the butt of endless jokes and viral photos that get shared on the Internet and social media on a regular basis. Thankfully, these ads have received some immortality thanks to the dirty coincidence that surrounds them.

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