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10 great websites with Free Stock Photos and Images

This is a video I made with some of the best websites to get free stock photos and images. I really think these are the best free stock photos sites and if you have any other suggestions, ou can let me know in the comments below.

On the below mentioned websites you can scroll through their materials or do a photo search. All high resolution photos can be downloaded for free and I mean, really for free. So if you are looking for free stock backgrounds or free images under the creative commons banner, here you go.

The websites I cover are sort of photo search engines in many cases and all have very high quality images and they are the following:

Pixabay – a really cool website, but make sure you only go for the free stock images. http://pixabay.com

Unsplash – A really great website that is updated every Thursday if I am not mistaken, with 10 new photos (very high quality). http://unsplash.com

Jeshoots – A website kept up to date by Jan Vasek. http://jeshoots.com

Snapographic – Scroll all categories on this great website with tons of free stock images http://snapographic.com (no longer online)

Travelcoffeebook – A great website with lots of travel pics, and a lot from Asia. http://travelcoffeebook.com

Pexels – Yet another great website with tons of free stock photos (some really cool free stock backgrounds here) http://pexels.com

Gratisography – A wide variety of free stock photos also on this website. Can hardly pronounce it, but who cares. Great stuff! http://gratisography.com

Stokpic – Watch pictures in a sort of a Pinterest setting here. Nice website and great pics. And all free! http://stokpic.com

Public Domain Archive – Doesn't need any introduction I guess. Great stuff and a LOT of free images to download. http://publicdomainarchive.com

Picography – Another really great website for your best free stock photos search party! http://picography.com (no longer operational 31-10-2016)

Hope you like the video and the websites. Let me know if you found some more great ones!