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10 Famous People Who REGRET Taking Private Photos

top 10 actors and hollywood celebrities who had their private photos leaked
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When you’re a celebrity, people have this misconception that they can have full access to your personal life, including your photos. We’re well aware that celebrities can be normal people with personal lives of their own, but between the media and the general public, having a private life is nearly impossible. Not only that, but celebrities also have to worry about getting hacked on a regular basis, which means that sensitive information like photos could get leaked at a moment’s notice. Even knowing this, many celebrities still take risqué photos and upload them to the Cloud accounts or email. Should a hacker break through the security measures, it could be a publicity disaster for the celebrity. Sensitive photos then become exposed, text messages with secrets are revealed, and the celebrity has to do a substantial amount of clean-up work.
In this video are ten celebrities who had sensitive photos leaked. Of course, when these photos were leaked, these poor celebs had to speak up for themselves. While many of these celebrities were justifiably angry at the hackers, many called out the people who went and looked at the pictures. Because if people are looking and paying attention, then the media and hackers have a reason to keep poking into their personal lives with no remorse. Photos of celebrities go for a great deal of money, and the more sensitive the photo, the bigger the paycheck the thief has. Sadly, once something has hit the internet, it is seldom erased, and it never disappears from the public eye.

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