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10 Creepiest Unexplained Photos That Should Not Exist!

Top 10 unbelievable scary pictures and their creepy backstories that will haunt you, strange modern mysteries…

15 Goddard’s Squadron

At first glance, this appears to be an ordinary group photo of an airforce regiment.
What makes this photo unusual is that one of the soldiers in formation shouldn’t be there… because he was buried earlier that day.
This photo taken in 1919 and by officer, Victor Goddard shows a portrait of his squadron that served World War 1.
The portrait was taken right after a funeral for their mechanic, Freddy Jackson, who passed in a freak accident a few days earlier when he walked into a moving airplane propeller.
Upon enlarging the photo, you can see a face hovering in the back row… a face the rest of the crew identified as belonging to mechanic Freddy Jackson.

14 Black Knight Satellite

This mysterious object supposedly dates back to sightings over 13,000 years ago.
Named “the black knight satellite,” this object has reportedly been orbiting the earth and sending signals repeated signals outwards
The signals were said to be first detected in 1899 by the radio of Nikola Tesla.
It has come up repeatedly in news reports and UFO sightings over history.
These claims are dismissed by NASA; is this just a regular object, or an unidentified satellite whose existence we should not know about?

13 The Cooper Family Photo

This was supposed to be a regular dinner photo taken by a Texan family in the 1950’s.
They had just moved into a new house and wanted to take a photo with mom, grandma, and the kids at the dinner table.
After developing the photo, they saw that they might not have been dining alone.
In the corner, they found a body suspended from the ceiling.
The origins of this photo are unknown, meaning we may never be able to question the family to find out the real story here.

12 Hook Island Sea Monster

Robert Le Serrec captured this photo on Hook Island off the coast of Australia.
While walking his family, they saw this dark, serpent-like shadow underneath the water and were able to get a photo.
From a distance they estimated the length to be 30 feet, but on closer inspection it seemed to trail away much further, maybe as long as 70 feet.
Robert approached to film the creature, but it swam away.
Robert claimed as it turned, he saw an injury along it’s tail, maybe caused by a ship, which would have caused the creature to come up from the deep and rest in the bay.

11 SS Watertown Ghosts

In December of 1924, two sailors were assigned to routinely clean out a cargo tank.
They didn’t notice the gas fumes until it was too late and they were overcome by the leak.
Their bodies were buried out at sea, as was the custom.
It seems they may never have been properly laid to rest, because according to the crew they continued to reappear throughout the journey.
In this photograph, we can see what appears to be the outline of two faces in the water, following the ship and continuing on their journey.

10 Solway Firth Spaceman

Jim Templeton took a with his daughter to burgh marsh in 1964, where he took several photos.
After developing them, he found this picture of his daughter, with what looks like an astronaut standing mysteriously in the background.
The photos were not tampered with in anyway, and Jim maintains the only other people in the park that day were a group of old ladies sitting in their cars.